Thursday, July 2, 2009

Order of Funeral Service

The Funeral Program Site offers a beautiful selection of templates for the Funeral Program Templates. You can even get funeral related resources and see their large selection of Funeral Program Templates.

The order of service for a funeral will vary depending on the type of funeral or memorial service you have planned. There are certain items that are included within a religious service and also varies depending on the certain denomination of the church.

You may want to discuss the specifics for the funeral order of service with your church pastoral staff because each denomination varies.Certain religions like the Catholic Chuch follow a specific outline for the funeral order of service that includes a body viewing or visitation, communion service and graveside service.

The opening message to all attendees is generally a reading or encouraging message of hope given by the officiant or designated family member. In place of an opening scripture reading or message, the eulogy can be presented.For a secular service, the funeral program order of service can include songs and poetry readings.

Attendees wishing to share a special moment of the deceased life may do so during a time of sharing.A video slideshow presentation is sometimes presented with background music to share photos of the deceased throughout his life. The slideshow will include any photos you desire to share from your loved one's life.

If you do not have the technological means or time to organize a slideshow, you could also set up a memorial table. Photos are displayed in a collage type format within the memorial table and can even be placed on a bulletin board style presentation.

Their funeral program templates catalog offers a wide selection of styles and themes.

Download a funeral program template if you want to add your own creativity or find out more on how to create your own funeral programs.

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